【Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program Q&A】

Common questions about Narita Transit & Stay Tour.
Please check before application.

🔶How much is the transit & stay program tour?
⇒The tour is free. You only need to pay for your own transportation, food & drink and the fee for experiencing stuff. So please prepare JPY.

🔶How long does the tour take?
⇒Each course takes 3~4 hours.

🔶Do I need a visa to apply this tour?
⇒Depending on your national, you may need visa to visit Japan, so we suggest that you check it out on the website of Japanese embassy in your city. You can find the information from "Tokyo Immigration Bureau" as well.

(Tokyo Immigration Bureau Information Center)
TEL. +81-3-5796-7112

(Transit Information)

🔶What time are those tours? Is it available during the day and night time?
⇒The reception for tours with guides will be from 9am to 12pm, and the tours finish at 2pm. Since we arrange in order, depending on the numbers of applications on the day, reception may be ended at different time. Please note.
The guidance of tours without guides will be from 9 am to 2pm.

🔶What do we do during the tour?
⇒Narita City Course
⇒Sibayama Town Course
⇒Tako Town
⇒Sakae Town Course

Please check the details of each tour.
※Depending on your requests, we may change the details little bit in the tour area.

🔶I'm a wheelchair user. Can I still join a tour?
⇒Please contact us. Some destinations on the tours are regrettably not wheelchair accessible, so please allow us to suggest a tour customized to your needs.

🔶We are tourists, not transit. Can we use your service?
⇒Yes, you are very welcome to our tours.

🔶Where can we leave our luggage?
⇒There are coin lockers and counters that you can temporarily leave your luggage at your expense.

🔶When should we book the tour?
⇒We receive reservations three months before the scheduled date of participation.

🔶Am I able to attend the tour without a reservation?
⇒We allow reservations on that day as well. However, we arrange in order, if there wasn’t any guide available when you arrived, you won’t be able to join the tour. If you didn’t make reservation before coming, please come to our counter and make sure.

🔶Can we join more than one tour per day?
⇒Each person can join only one of the guided tours per day.

🔶Is it possible to do local dissolution or extend the tour time?
⇒No. Our tours will be ended on time and everyone has to return to our counter with the guide by 2pm.

🔶May I attend alone?
⇒Yes! Please feel free to join us. There will probably be some others people in the same tour, so please understand that we all have to act together and in that case we won’t be able to arrange everything in your order.

🔶How can I cancel my reservation?
⇒There is a URL that you can cancel your reservation in the confirmation E-mail. Please check.

🔶What can I do if my flight were delayed and I couldn’t be there on time?
⇒If you didn’t show up in fifteen minutes from the reserved time, your reservation will be automatically canceled.

※ We prohibit cancellation without prior notice.
When cancelling, please use cancellation form which is described in the confirmation e-mail that we sent to you.